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A Fresh Start Growing from Seed Yummy Vegetables

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Farmer's sell shares of their farms products in the beginning of the season to support them in the spring when all of their expense is.  Being a Farm Shareholder, you are Believing in the Farmer and the products they grow.  When the Farmers Harvest begins, they offer  a generous Portion of the products you are supporting.  Everyone wins, with the Community supporting their Neighbors and the Share holders receiving Products at a great price.  All products are raised/grown locally by the farmer. 

Knowing Your Farmer, you know what they believe in and how they grow their Products.  For instance, At Nature's Acres Farm, we grow all our produce Organically, and are MOFGA certified.  MOFGA certification is stricter than USDA Organic, in that the produce is not ever exposed to unnatural chemicals.  We Completely Believe in Organics as a Way of Life.  We have seen first hand how our Chemically laden society has been affected with a Multitude of Illnesses, and how Organics can change your overall health status. 

We offer several types of CSA programs to better Serve you.  Check out Our 2017 Summer Veggie Share.

Summer Veggie Shares

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Bakery Share Add On


Meat Shares

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